The viewing platform is made as a guided meditation on the sensations of the arid mountaintop it sits on. Entering the structure, visitors are pulled off the outcrop into a winding path of staircases and landings, and twisting metal sheets block most views to the outside and other parts of the platform. The metal shroud creates a slight microclimate, sheltering occupants from wind and weather and slightly raising the humidity.
    The second path clings to the outside face of a sculptural mass and encourages faster movement with longer and flatter pathways. The contrast between the void on one side and colossal volume on the other creates a feeling of imbalance, and several natural pauses are made for visitors to reorient themselves where the path sharply turns. After a final pause sheltered by the sculpture, viewers descend a long path to the final overlook.
    The spatial sequence ends at a web of elevated platforms, suddenly exposing viewers to the local climate and allowing them to experience it anew. The platforms create several small panoramic views before viewers reach the edge of the structure, allowing a full  view of the valley below.