Image courtesy Full Circle Collaborative

My BA Honors Thesis in Architecture focuses on the Eleonas scavenger's market in Athens, Greece. The district has housed one of the largest Syrian Refugee camps in Greece since the refugee crisis started, and many have found work salvaging and reselling materials, particularly at a weekly flea market. The city has historically had an antagonistic relationship with the market, moving it away from the city center and damaging business opportunities. With recent advocacy, there has been some interest in supporting the market as a way to promote the circular economy in Athens. My research compiled an archive of circular small business structures, evaluating the feasibility of selected case studies if implemented at the Eleonas Scavengers' Market.
I compiled this research with the support of Markus Berger and Olga Ioannu of Full Circle Collaborative, who are conducting an ongoing collaboration with the Eleonas scavenger's market.
Full text and case study database available upon request.