My final project for Contemporary Architecture at Brown in 2018, I animated Studio Anna Heringer's three hostels for the 2016 Bamboo Biennale in Bao Xi. I was struck by how the advantages of the three dominant materials were played off one another to achieve a complicated aesthetic and environmental goal. Rammed earth forms the core of each building, forming a necessary shelter and bracing other embedded components. Six sleeping chambers bloom outwards from the hostel cores, emitting a soft glow at night around the structures. Lastly, a latticed bamboo shell gives the male, female, and communal buildings distinct and complicated forms, while using a surprisingly sparse and simple to repair structure. My visualization focuses on the relationships between these components, building out layers one at a time from the terraced site as the hostels take form.
More information on the project can be found through Studio Anna Heringer (website)
Music is by Marskye (bandcamp)